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From Low Vibes to High Vibes!

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Have you ever feel like “it sucks” or “I stuck” when you wake up every morning? I had these terrible experiences for many years of my life. Every morning, I woke up unhappy, just didn’t want to get up; even I got up I had low or even nearly no energy to do whatever I needed to do. That was my “golden years” when I was in my 30s, but it was also my “low vibes years”, wasting most of my time suffering. I felt lethargic, fatigue, fearful, my body was tightened and my heart was contracted. When there were small things happened which I perceived as unfavourable, I would be very easily get upset with strong negative emotions. Until one day I woke up and thought to myself, “Am I gonna be like this for the rest of my life?” I had an urge to change! A burning desire to change myself and my world. Then, my journey started to shift course. This was the beginning of my high vibes life adventures.

Indeed every human being in his life will encounter favourable and unfavourable conditions. There must be happy circumstances, and there must also be obstacles and difficult situations. The most important point is, when you are facing difficult times, can you accept the situation, move forward and bounce back in a short time? or are you dragging in the situation and thinking yourself poor and powerless and not able to be resilient? These are all related to your mindset and how you perceive yourself and your world. The good news is, you can train your mind and make yourself a better version and your world a better world. When you are aware that you are in low vibes (negative energy and emotions such as fear, anger, stress, anxiety, etc.), you can certainly raise your vibes and get back on track, only when you are determined to. You can be the author of your story, director of your movie, only when you are willing to. You have a choice. When you are in high vibes (high energy such as joy, love, vibrant, mindful, open-hearted, resilient, giving), you are not only helping yourself, but are able to radiate your love and inspire people in your world too.

Now, as a high viber, I feel blessed that I can wake up every morning full of energy and joy, look forward to the day, and share my love to people around me. I have also times when I feel lower energy, or when facing some unfavourable circumstances - that are the moments of a High Viber’s real practice – how can I be more resilient and get back to my momentum? Every day is a “24 hours” of golden opportunity to become our best version, to do whatever we love to do, and love whatever we are doing.

Live each moment, Live with your passion.

I am still a working progress, you and I are together in this life journey, making adjustments along the way. Here in this blog I would very much love to share with you some ways I found these years which can raise our vibes and make a difference. Raising vibes can be easy, but maintaining a momentum needs continuous real practice.

Stay tuned on this blog High Vibers!

And Practice Practice Practice!!!

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