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Raising Your Vibes Workshop Series


As High Vibers, you regard learning and growing as an important part of your life, to uplift yourself and to maintain your high vibes momentum, so that you can inspire others to raise their vibes and live a better heartset.   

"Be able to Inspire Others" is one of the shining characters of High Vibers!!


"能夠啟發別人" 是高氛人其中一個亮麗特質。



Auto Bio – Wincy Wong​

Hi! I’m Wincy, and I’m a recovering low-vibes person!!  My years of low energy literally “motivated” me to find effective ways to heal myself.  After countless learnings from many great teachers and undergone both many beautiful & ugly transformations, I realized that to live a high vibes happy life, it is utmost important to master ourselves, overcome our weaknesses, find strength from within and to keep the momentum ceaselessly.  I also discovered some potent skillful methods, including conscious singing, music spiritual rituals, and working with Chakra system, to raise our self-knowledge, our vibrations and consciousness. 


I started to conduct workshops on these subjects since 2018, and the happiest moments are when I saw participants being uplifted and inspired after attending my workshops.  I absolutely love to share with you how to apply these methods into daily life, so you will also experience an upgrade of your inner and outer world!

Wincy 的自我介紹

你好! 我是 Wincy, 我是一個康復過來的低頻人!! 我多年的負能量正正「激勵」了我去找有效的方法來療癒自己。 經過向不同很有智慧的老師們無數的學習, 並經歷了許多美麗和醜陋的轉化, 我領悟到, 要過一種高氛圍幸福生活, 最重要的, 是能掌握自己, 克服自己的弱點, 從內找到力量, 並不斷保持正面走勢和節奏。 我還發現了幾個行之有效的技巧方法,包括意識歌唱, 音樂靈性儀式, 以及配合脈輪系統調整自己, 以提高對自己的了解, 提昇我們的振頻和意識。

我從 2018 年開始舉辦關於這些主題的工作坊, 我感到最快樂的時刻是, 在每次工作坊後, 我看到參加者得到啟發和鼓舞。 我非常喜歡與您分享如何將這些方法應用到日常生活中, 讓您也體驗到您內在和外在世界的提昇!

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