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Seven Chakras Beginner's Guide

Just led a workshop in the Han Li shop few days ago, introducing Seven Chakras with some related practices, and received many positive feedback. I am happy to share here a beginner's guide that I put up, to give you a brief idea of each chakra. If you can learn more about the state of each of your chakra and do some practices to balance it, you will feel lighter and your quality of life will be improved. It is one of the many ways to raise your vibes!!

There you go!!!

It is the beginning of this new year 2019, I sincerely hope you use many tips in this website to raise your vibes and mindset, so you start 2019 in an empowering way!

Let's make ourselves in 2019 extraordinary high vibes and infect others with your passion!!

Much love,


Catch it!

#highvibes #passion #chakra #extraordinary #raiseyourvibes

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