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How to use 7 Chakra Stones Set?


How to balance our chakras using Seven Chakra Stones Set?


1. Seven Chakra Stones Balancing Treatment 晶石平衡脈輪法

a. Play relaxing music which you like to listen or keep the room silent.


b. Place Seven Chakra Stones on each chakra of your body respectively.


c. Relax and rest for 20 - 30 minutes. 放鬆身心,休息 20-30 分鐘。

Optional 可選擇:

i. Meditate on each chakra with its respective colour 素描及冥想每一個脈輪的顏色

ii. Recite each seed mantra in mind and bring your awareness to each respective chakra.


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2. What are other ways to use the Seven Chakra Stones? 其他使用脈輪晶石的方式

You can wear them, meditate with them or just hold them on your palm.


Carry along with you during the day. Just put on your palm for an energy boost, alignment or raising vibes whenever you feel needed.


You can also point the stone at the chakra and rotate it in the clockwise, just to bring the energy into the body, which helps the frequency / vibration in your chakra.


How to clean and recharge Seven Chakra Stones? 怎樣清潔和補充7脈輪晶石?

1. Salt Water Bath 海鹽浴

a. Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt into a bowl of warm water.

把 1 湯匙海鹽溶入一碗暖水。

b. Soak the Seven Chakra Stones in sea salt water for 10-15 minutes.

放晶石於鹽水內浸泡 10-15 分鐘。

c. Rinse with clean water. 用清水冲洗。

d. Use towel to pat dry the stones. 用毛巾抹乾晶石。

2. Sunshine or Moonlight 陽光 或 月光

Sunlight and moonlight can charge and clean the stones.


The sun will supply the stones with yang solar energy that balances the stones' innate yin energy. 陽光能供應陽性太陽能量給晶石,達至晶石陰陽平衡。

Avoid strong sunlight at noon time. Put stones under the sun at dawn for an hour is a good option. 避免正午猛烈陽光。建議可在黎明時份把晶石放於太陽下一小時。

Moonlight helps increase the stones' vibrations. 月光有助提昇晶石的頻率。

It is especially effective to put stones under full moon for 1 hour, when it is the brightest and at full potential. 在月圓之夜 (那時月亮特別光及充滿潛能) 把晶石放於月光下一小時是特別有效。

What are some other ways to balance our Seven Chakras? 其他平衡脈輪的方式

1. Seed Mantra Chanting 種籽字唱誦

a. Relax, spine loosely straight, and sit in a lotus position. 放鬆,脊椎微微挺直,盤腿打坐。 b. Chant each seed mantra loud and bring your awareness to each corresponding chakra. Each chakra chant 3-7 times.

將注意力放於脈輪上,並放聲唱誦脈輪的種籽字。每個脈輪唱誦種籽字 3-7 次。

c. In between each seed mantra chanting, relax, feel the vibration, and meditate for 1-2 minutes. 每完成一個脈輪唱誦,放鬆,感受一下頻率振動,並禪修 1-2 分鐘。

d. After chanting seven mantras, relax and meditate for a few minutes.

當 7 個脈輪唱誦完成後,放鬆並禪修幾分鐘。

2. Essential oils - massage or diffuse in the room 香精油 - 按摩或燃點擴散於房內

3. Nourish with respective food 食物滋養

4. Yoga practice 瑜珈

5. Chakra cleansing meditation 脈輪清洗冥想

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