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Happy Love Day!! One of the Best Ways to Raise Your Vibes

Dear High Vibers!!!  Happy LOVE Day!!!

One of the most effective ways to RAISE YOUR VIBES is to LOVE!!!   Here's the LOVE RITUAL of the DAY for you to practice and raise your vibes:

Whenever you meet every person during the day, silently say "Happy Love Day to you" or "Wish you well" or "I love you" or even "Namaste", any positive energy that you can silently send to that person!  It's fun!  Try it out and you'll be amazed how joyful you feel!

Wish you well dear Cat!

That person can be your friend,  your family,  your colleague, or bus driver,  janitor, waiter, homeless people, or even your "enemy" ~ people you feel challenging! or even your pet, or any animals, or an ant, a butterfly, or even a cockroach, a lizard! or indeed you can do that to an object, a thing, a place that you encounter such as your room, your handbag, the money in your wallet, your office, toilet bowl, a plant, a tree, or your computer, your bed, or the seat in the bus, the food you are eating, the cutlery you are using, etc etc etc!  Use your imagination!!! Bring your awareness!!!  Try it out quickly and see what happens inside you!   See how much High Vibes you are giving and receiving at the same time!!

Now I am looking into your eyes and saying to you wholeheartedly, "I love you!! Wish you all day in High Vibes!"

Much love and hugs,


Thank you Toilet Bowl!! You are fabulous!

I love you my dearest Tree!!

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