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5 passionate yogis manifested Yoga GOM

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Congratulations Yoga GOM!! It's exciting and our honor to participate in your Grand Opening Party on April 13, 2019. It was a very successful event with heartfelt programs, including guided meditation led by Lama Yadie from Tergar Meditation Centre, singing bowl performance by Polly and Tracy; spiritual musician, Lau (黑鬼), offered us uplifting live music using spiritual instruments including Didgeridoo, handpan, etc., singing performance using special voice technique kogemei as well as sharing of mind-blowing breathing technique. There were also various on-day yoga experiential workshops and relaxation sessions, and many more! By lining up different interesting cooperative partners, we all co-created a popup market fair full of tons of love-made goodies. All these elements on this special day made up a high vibes atmosphere all around Yoga GOM! Everyone came to the party had so much fun and was surely uplifted!

Yoga GOM was established by 5 passionate yogis - Hinson, Taki, Jacobi, Anson and Michelle, who believe yoga practice is not just a training of body and movement, but more importantly a journey to look inside and observe, to learn about your inner self. Through yoga practice experiences, you will be able to observe and take care of both your body and mind. I am moved by their passion, heart and high spirit! Look forward to seeing Yoga GOM continue to unfold and evolve, and manifest successful activities co-created with many interesting cooperative partners!

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